Ohio Woman With Tattooed Face Arrested At Walmart

Alyssa Zebrasky was arrested at a Walmart

via WFMJ

Ohio woman Alyssa Zebrasky is back in the news this week thanks to new theft charges from an incident at…Walmart…where she tried to leave the store with a bag. That led to cops finding an outstanding warrant, likely from a November incident that led to her appearing on TV. Folks, say hello to your poster child for meth.

Take these photos of Alyssa and burn them into your children’s brains and make sure they understand this is what happens when they fucc with meth. Make it very clear this is the face and tattoos of a meth head.

From WFMJ:

Twenty-seven-year-old Alyssa Zebrasky was booked into the Mahoning County jail Wednesday on theft and several drug-related charges.

She was also wanted on a warrant issued last week by a judge in Austintown after she failed to appear in court to answer a previous charge of obstructing justice.

That charge was filed after Austintown Police arrested Zebrasky and a man last month after she allegedly put up a fight as officers tried to question her.

Boardman Police were called after a Walmart employee reported that a woman had stolen a bag while leaving the store.

After arresting Zebrasky, the officer said a search of her purse turned up a hypodermic needle and baggies containing what Zabrasky admitted was Methamphetamine and a Suboxone pill.

Aren’t you glad that all those pain killers are out on the streets? What a great job our medical community did when they pumped out those pills to the weak who have nothing better to do than pound pills and then steal from stores. Get some help baby girl before you’re in a grave.

Let’s go back to November:

Alyssa Zebrasky in 2012:

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