Parents Behaving Badly At A Youth Sports Event – Version 1.0

I asked BC readers to share with me their stories of Parents Behaving Badly At A Youth Sports Event after a video started circulating today showing wrestling parents getting into a wrestling match of their own. Instead of just asking people to do better, I thought it was a great time to hear some stories where parents let it all fly in the worst possible way. What resulted was a nice selection of DMs where people told me wild stories that will make most of you not want to put a kid into youth sports.

One theme I see developing with these Parents Behaving Badly At A Youth Sports Event stories is women ending the bad behavior out of dads by threatening them with divorce. It seems nothing snaps a man out of a rage like losing his house, half his retirement and half of everything he’s ever worked for. Remember that one, ladies. They don’t want to hear you threaten them in that fashion.

The other shocking part from the stories that I received was how young some of the kids are when this stuff goes down. I was thinking it went down more in the high school ranks, but it seems the 6-12 age is where this stuff really hits the fan. Maybe I just got a batch of the younger kid stories tonight. Or maybe at the high school level the ultimate d-bags have been weeded out, leaving the sorta to medium d-bags.

All I know is that I’m intrigued by this world of parents risking it all over a medal or trophy. Seems ridiculous, but the stories keep coming in.

Have a Parents Behaving Badly At A Youth Sports Event story I need to hear? DM it on social @bustedcoverage or I’ll keep you anonymous. 

Just received this one. Triggered Fort Wayne, IN hockey mom was kicked out & the ref wouldn’t drop the puck until she left 👍

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) February 12, 2019

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