Russian Ekaterina Zueva Pumps Out Content, Lance Goes After ARod & Meet Trae Young’s Girlfriend

It’s Jaguars at Titans tonight on Fox or the college football awards show. The awards show is always important because of who we will see at the event. You’ll see all the big names in one room and it always leads to some decent social content. Maybe a mom gets all dressed up and becomes a breakout star. You never know. Or there’s basketball on. NBCSN counters with World Cup curling.

Russian Ekaterina Zueva is pumping out quality IG content

Lance Armstrong goes after ARod

Trae Young’s girlfriend

Jim Harbaugh to Packers or Dolphins?

Duke put on another dunking exhibition last night

Canadian Man saves 85-year-old Florida Man who was being attacked by gator

Birmingham local news weatherman arrested & there’s a mugshot

Here’s Lauren from North Florida

Damn Right Your Dad Is About To Rush Out And Get The Kawhi New Balance Shoes Video Of The Day

Cheeseburgers of the Day

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